Who am I?

I am a 25-year-old Australian affectionately known as the ‘little ball of fury’ due to my small stature and passionate nature. I am tiny, blonde, and completely obsessed with books.

The obsession

My obsession is not as simple as reading as many books as possible, although the idea of reading thousands and thousands of books makes my eyes practically glow with pleasure. It is with owning them. In order to feel properly satisfied about reading a new book, it needs to be mine. I am a little odd: I bond with my books when I read them, and if I read someone else’s copy of a book, I feel guiltily like I am cheating on the copy that I will one day own.

I don’t mind folds and creases, tea stains, and inevitable drops of food on the pages – they are the marks I leave on the story as I read it and my imagination creates images of scenes and characters that are unlike those anyone else will ever see.

I want to read each book and then close the book and trap my thoughts and feelings with the world that has been created in my mind inside those pages. I want my books to sit on the shelf and keep my secret worlds safely inside them so that I can open them again when I choose to go back.

The list

And thus, the list. I began compiling it in 2010 to challenge myself to make more time for reading. In between part time university and full time work, reading tends to be one of the first things to go from my short list of hobbies. It began as a list of about 100 books and has slowly grown as I have discovered more authors, had people recommend books and have researched lists of “must read” books.

Just to warn you – I am using this blog as a space to air my thoughts and opinions, love or hatred of the books I set out to read. It may very well contain spoilers, and it probably shouldn’t be read if you are going to be upset at finding out vital information about a book that you haven’t yet read (although I will try hard not to give away any major plot points and ruin the book).

If you scroll below you will find a list of my latest book blogs, as well as an archive of books by number and star rating. There is also the option to search my page (although I’m not sure what for) and to subscribe if you are so inclined!

You can also find me on facebook where you can like my page and see updates about my blogs as I post them. Possibly the easiest (and least inbox-cluttering) way of keeping informed of my sporadic blogging:


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