University: Ruining My Life

A very quick rant of a post to apologise/whine/offer excuses for my absence over the last month (or two, or three…)

University is ruining my life. Why? Simple. I cannot read books all day long (unless of course they are giant, heavy, boring things that certainly do not fill me with a page-turning desire to devour and then daydream happily about for days afterwards) and I cannot spend my time blogging about said books and generally allowing myself to believe that novels are, in fact, the only thing that matter in life.

One semester of this year (I have four, joy of joys) is now over and the next one underway with no warning or break since my particular university is designed specifically for people who hate themselves and want to be tired all the time.

BUT! I will cease the whining and feeling sorry for myself and my poor tiny brain, and will instead become excited about this new shiny wonderful semester. Assignments are far away and the due dates not yet frightening; exams are so far into the future that they cannot even be imagined, and (as I tell myself at the start of every semester) things are going to be different!

I will endeavor to allocate some of my time (probably that formerly spent on facebook and Pinterest) catching up on blogging and then the wonderful world of reading. And speaking of Pinterest, I saw on there a quote which went something like this: If you really want to be motivated to do something, tell everyone you know that you are going to do it. The fear of looking like an idiot will motivate you to do what you said you would do! So here is my proclaimation: I will blog! At least once a week! Let’s see how long this lasts, shall we? 😉

Prepare to be dazzled by my wonderful reviews that I’m sure will come very frequently and no longer be forgotten in the pile of things that “must be done”!


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