Book #10 – We’ll Always Have Paris (Ray Bradbury)

This collection of short stories from Bradbury was simultaneously bizarre, interesting, thought-provoking and weird. Some caught me up so completely in them that I desperately wanted them to expand and fill an entire novel – a mere ten pages not enough to satisfy my curiousity about the lives of these interesting people. Others left me […]

Book #9 – The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (John Boyne)

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas begins with Bruno, a young boy living in Berlin, coming home to find his family’s maid is packing everything from his room. Bruno thinks he is being punished and sent away, but soon discovers that he isn’t the only one – they are all going: his Father, his Mother, and […]

Book #6 – The Lake (Banana Yoshimoto)

The Lake is essentially an entire novel that revolves around one relationship: the small, intricate and intimate details. There isn’t any ongoing or recurring drama to drive it, there isn’t really any passion. It didn’t fill me with a burning hatred, or even dislike for the book. It didn’t cause me to want to hunt down […]