Mrs Gwynn’s Laws for Devouring Books

1. Never watch a film if it was based on a book until after reading the book.

It’s always better to be disappointed that a movie didn’t live up to the brilliance of the book than to never get to experience your own imagined version of the characters and scenery while reading a novel.

2. If a book is begun, it must be finished – no matter how painful, badly written or just plain boring it is.

There are numerous books that I have started to read, wanted to give up on, but after persevering have found that they just needed a little more time to become gripping, excellent novels. This can, however, backfire badly when the book fails to ever improve or gets progressively worse.

3. Feel free to judge books by their covers. 

While some terrible books may be hiding in beautiful, well designed covers, “judging a book by its cover” can be an excellent way to discover new authors you don’t usually read or haven’t heard of before. The theory is that someone who has taken the time to write a brilliant novel will probably go to great lengths to make sure it is also well presented.

4. Speaking out loud to your books is perfectly normal.

After all, they speak to us.

5. “I just finished my book and I’m too depressed” is a perfectly acceptable reason to cancel dinner plans. 

I’m more than slightly embarrassed to admit having done this after reading The Time Traveler’s Wife. However, I maintain that I needed time and space to grieve.

… to be continued …


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